now your part artworkWhat you do as a parent really does matter. The research supports this. They may act like they are not listening, but all of the research says you still have a big impact.  below are several links to excellent resources answering the question “What can i do?”  Feel free to download these PDFs as much as you like. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to us and schedule a workshop. Contact Erick Lauber at elauber (at) 


  • Have a friend or family member struggling with addiction issues?
  • Not sure how to get them help?
  • Are they resistant to treatment?
  • A specially trained Treatment Specialist will work with friends/ family and the addict to offer support and encourage treatment for their addiction issue.
  • Call The Open Door for more information on costs and scheduling an appointment.

The Open Door hotline is 1-877-333-2470

Additional Resources:

The PDF below gives parents information on how to intervene if your teen is doing drugs.

The link below can help parents cope with if their teenager is using drugs, and can help diagnose the causes of the problem.

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