Addiction is…

stop sign art…a gradual change in the brain’s wiring. It changes a person’s software so that their want for the drug increases and increases. Physically, it creates tolerance and physical withdrawal symptoms. Ninety percent of people with a chemical dependency claim they have no problem. Addiction can be treated and many thousands of people live in functional recovery – working, raising a family, fulfilling social roles without impairment, and of course, staying alive.

Until we create our own videos and materials, please use the following links to learn more about addiction:

The link below can help you understand substance abuse and its causes, while also explaining possible ways to prevent addiction and possible treatment options if your child has a problem.

The link below gives an overview of substance abuse disorder, signs and symptoms of abuse of individual drug types and what to do if someone you know has a drug abuse issue.

The link below explains the causes and physical nature of addiction.

The link below explains the science behind the causes of addiction.

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